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Things that You Should Not Take on a Moving Truck

In the past two decades, the government has imposed and clamped down on the movers through its long-listed prohibited items for airline travel. We are all attuned to these changes as you have no high-quality escape if you want to fly to your next vacation point. Also, the best approach to travel is safe and secure. The same is true for cross country and Long Distance Movers in Wilmington NC.  

Below, we have explored banned items for moving by Long Distance Movers in Wilmington NC

just for your ease while moving. Instead of packing such items as part of your belongings and onto a commercial moving truck, you must properly place them or carry them on your own.

 Hazardous Items

These essentials are adept at setting fires on their own due to their concentration and reaction with other mixtures, exploding, burning, or otherwise destroying what is packed onto the truck and everything around them simply means you will left nothing but with costly bills. They even can cause injury or serious damage to Long Distance Movers in Wilmington NC, truck drivers, and other persons on the road.

Instead of trying to transport banned basics on a local and interstate moving truck, you properly recycle them. Take them to a legally managed hazardous waste dumping area. Or, if your hazardous belongings contain things your neighbors or local friends or family can use, give these items right away. 

Moving House Plants 

When working with Long Distance Movers in Wilmington NC, many people wonder to move their household plants and other greenery from their landscaping. While Long Distance Moers USA understands your longing to hold onto these cultivated and cherished parts of your indoor and outdoor decoration, but we cannot transport them. Plants simply cannot endure the heat and stress imposed on them within moving vans.

If you are moving locally, try transporting these plants on your own. But many states prohibit you from crossing their borders with plants in your vehicle too. These laws play an important role in helping each state fight the infection and infestation that creep up farming and other regional greenery. So, if you are moving for a long-distance move, it is best to take your green thumb with you, but leave the plants behind.

Food Limitations

Never pack any opened or unpreserved foods, such as frozen foods, produce, or opened food containers. These attract rodents, roaches, ants, and other pests that penetrate your possessions and put thumb out to your new residence. Who wants to take mice or roaches to their new home that cause their infestation in no time?

 Long Distance Movers USA works hard to make your Long Distance Movers in Wilmington NC easy. Our Long Distance Movers in Wilmington NC know the expert packing, handling, and transporting methodologies to ensure everything you own arrives securely at your new home or office. This means restricting dangerous substances or those that can damage your property or bring injury to people. 

How To Get Started

  1. Reach out. First things first – you will need to either complete our online quote request form or call Long Distance Movers at to get the ball rolling.
  2. Share your information. We will collect all of the necessary information about your move, including the date of your move and where you are moving to, as well as information regarding your home, property and any add-on services, such as packing and storage.
  3. Your Binding Estimate. You will get assigned a Professional and Well-Trained moving coordinator. We will go over a very thorough inventory of your furniture items and boxes. Then provide you with a binding estimate based off the information you provide.
  4. The Reservation. Once you are ready to move forward and book your move just reach out to your assigned coordinator and they will take you through the reservation process.

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